Manage Social Media Accounts How to Manage A Difficult Client

When I went out on my own as a Solopreneur marketing consultant, my debut project was with a client who was a terrible human being and as a result, the experience was a difficult one. I did the best that I could to satisfy client expectations that were completely unreasonable in the context of the limited time-table and budget allotted.I quickly acknowledged the rookie client management mistakes I had made, chiefly, failing to confirm in writing the complete project specifications, time-table and budget. I also learned how to recognize prospects who might have the potential to become bad clients (not a fool-proof science, but it remains helpful to this day).Furthermore, I now have the inner strength to fire a bad client, because they just aren’t worth the money. If you find yourself in an assignment and client neuroses suddenly emerge, you’ll need tactics that will help you exercise some measure of control over the situation and preserve your dignity and sanity and perhaps even the client relationship as well. Presented here are two examples of difficult client behavior.

The nit-pickerThere are two types: one who is willing to pay for the time it takes to second-guess your work and those that want to abuse your time. The only good thing about a nit-picker is that s/he can make you more precise in your work.Setting boundaries is the preferred defense, but be advised that a client has every right and in fact a responsibility to scrutinize your work, especially if this is your first project together. If your nit-picker client is OK with paying extra, then pretend to welcome his/her suggestions and involvement. Call it a lesson in meeting or exceeding client expectations and building trust. Maybe the exacting attitude is rooted in a previous bad experience? Reassure the client that getting the job done right is your goal, too.If your nit-picker does not want to pay extra for the second-guessing, then apply boundaries. Allow at no extra charge two revisions of your work and make it clear that beyond that, there will be a surcharge for your services. Consider declining future projects offered by this individual. Going forward, write into the contract a surcharge for revisions that you would find excessive.The meeting mavenMeetings are useful in that stakeholders can convene to discuss the progress of the project and make any desired refinements along the way, while verifying that milestones will be met. Progress meetings can be held periodically, but too many are a waste of time.

In the project specs meeting, it is useful to address the subject of progress meetings and suggest tying them to project milestones. Include meeting time in your project fee. It’s difficult to address the number of meetings after the fact if you encounter a meeting maven who thinks that you should not be paid extra, or who likes to stretch meetings out to much longer than necessary.That client has you by the short hairs if numerous meetings are demanded, or pre-scheduled meetings drag on. You may need to decline future projects and chalk it up to a lesson learned. Going forward, anticipate the need to meet and discuss it beforehand. Some long meetings may be beneficial to you as well as the client, but make it known that you will be paid.Thanks for reading,Kim

Top VR Games for Your Android Phone

VR or virtual reality is the new innovation by the tech world that has become an integral part of almost all sorts of games online. Virtual reality is a three dimensional environment that would render live and interactive experience to the gamer. There games are being designed to enhance the quality of the games and to give an awesome gaming experience to the gamer. The more innovative and user-friendly versions of these VR games are coming up in these days that are compatible enough even on smart phones.

Latest VR games would allow you to play the game on multiple devices with a single gamer name. You can play while commuting also by using your android phones. The latest versions of VR games are designed in such a way that they would render the same experience as a pc, laptop or a play station. Now as we know what is a VR game is all about let’s look at few latest VR games designed for android phones,

• Mekorama VR – A puzzle game where you have to guide a small robot through various levels. At the beginning it’s quite simple because there will be few stones to be moved but the difficulty increases from one level to the next. In this game you use the controller to move the stones and show the robot the way to move up.

• Hunters Gate: A game for action lovers – You will become a savior of the world when the world has been attacked by demons and you have to keep them back. This is a fun-filled and graphically impressive game. This is a famous rolling game whose elements make you stronger over time and will teach you new skills. For playing this game you must use daydream controllers, and these controllers help you in keeping track of what’s happening from above, which reduces your too much interaction with the virtual movement.

• Need for Speed: A VR game for admirers of speed, the game enhances the sensation of speed by Virtual Reality and is probably the best racing game for Daydream-capable smart phones. An exciting ride is guaranteed because of its impeccable graphics and breakneck-pace. Besides that the choice of customization and car tuning made this game more enchanting and exciting.

• Gun jack 2: End of Shift – A game where you will be sitting on cannon on our solar system and fend off the attackers who are desperate to steal the minerals from our planet. You will be having immense arsenal weapons and can control everything with your gaze.